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Whether you are new to volleyball or looking for a new volleyball experience, we want you to know who we are and what we value.  We want to be certain that we are a good fit for you before you commit your resources to our program. 


We value the time you've already spent learning about us.  Below, we feel, may help you continue to understand all that we offer.  


FAQ - New to Volleyball? 
When is volleyball season?

We offer volleyball training all year!  Here is a general breakdown to help understand what we offer.

Summer Camp:  July and August; 4-day camps that run Monday-Thursday.

Summer League:  After 4th of July through mid-August. Short, 6-week season of team practices and weekday competition.  All athletes who register make a team.

Fall League:  End of August through mid-October.  Short, 8-week season of team practices and weekend competition.  All athletes who register make a team.  

Regular Club Season:  Our main season.  Approximately October - June depending on age division.  Not all athletes who register will make a team. 


We also offer individual and small-group lessons all year!

What is club volleyball, anyway?

Club volleyball (noted as regular club season above) is a longer season generally running from October-June, depending on teams and ages. It is competitive and teams participate in tournaments both in the area and outside of the state.

My athlete has never played volleyball. Should they start training with you?

Great question! We recommend taking an individual lesson or participating in one of our camps or leagues if an athlete has never played. It's a good way to quickly practice the new skills without the larger time commitment of the club season.  It is also a great way to learn more about us and how we train.

Is there a cost to play with Kokoro Volleyball?

Yes. Camps are $200-$450/week, 6-8 week leagues in summer and fall are $500-$600 for the duration, and club team fees are between $3,000 and $6,000 (monthly payments are available). Individual lessons range from $65-$110/session.

When can I register for summer and fall camps or leagues?

Registration for summer and fall camps and leagues opens at the end of February. Registration for lessons opens the 15th of each month. 

Can parents and families of athletes use the new facility?

There are periodic ETS classes parents can sign up for throughout the season. Some sessions of yoga and mindfulness are open to family registrations. Otherwise, we invite you to spend time getting to know our new community or waiting in the lobby area during practices. Family members are not allowed in the gym during practices. Our gym is closed to the public during training seasons.


"I want to say thank you. I'm blown away at the incredibly high level of instruction you're providing."

-2019 Fall League Parent

FAQ -  Club Teams  ||  Regular Club Season
Is there a deadline to register for club tryouts?

Yes.  You must be registered before you show up to tryouts so all necessary waivers are completed.  Check out our Club season information to register. We encourage you to register before 10pm the night before your scheduled tryouts to be certain you have had the opportunity to receive all necessary communications.

What does a typical week of training look like during the club season?

Practice is two 2-hour practices each week unless there is a 2-day weekend tournament. One weeknight practice and one Sunday practice. If, for some reason, your team plays on a Sunday, your practice will be moved to Saturday. 

Monday nights are Skill Training Nights. These training sessions are optional but highly encouraged. Teams are scheduled for 1-hour sessions to work on individual skills and competitive grittiness.


ETS sessions are scheduled entirely on your own through the ETS performance website. Most families work to do their ETS training in conjunction with practice times to minimize trips to the gym. 


If you maximize your available training time (practice + positional training + ETS), you could be in the gym 8 hours a week.  This does not include weeks where your team would have a competition.

How and why do we participate in ETS?

We have seen athletes and teams make huge gains by participating in the strength and conditioning provided through ETS. Athletes on our club teams are required to participate in ETS at least 2x/week in the Twin Cities and at least 1x/week in Eau Claire. You schedule your own ETS training at your convenience; many athletes schedule these trainings before or after their practices. Scheduling opens on the morning of the 15th of each month.

Do you offer scholarships or fundraising opportunities?

Yes. We offer work opportunities to help offset a portion of the season fees. Helping us care for and maintain our new facility or working at one of the three tournaments we host has saved families that participate between $250-$1000 during the season.

Is there a chance my athlete won't make a team?

When we form our club season teams in October and November, it is possible that all athletes who try out will not make a team. This depends on how many teams we can field competitively at that age level and individual skill. 


During our Summer and Fall Leagues, all athletes who sign up to participate will be on a Kokoro team. 

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