Get in our gym and train with the best...

If you are interested in getting some extra time in the gym, we offer individual/group lessons with coaches R. T. Luczak, Jennifer BratholSam Sullivan and Nikki Higley.


Lesson Notes

  • Anyone can take lessons with Kokoro Volleyball.

  • You can sign up for individual lessons or sign up with a group.

  • Due to high demand there will be no refunds or credits issued once lessons are scheduled.

  • Lessons are limited to the amount of participants indicated when scheduled.

View further lesson information and schedule here.

Covid -19 Safety Procedures for Lessons


We wanted to keep you fully informed regarding our Safety Precautions we have put in place to keep you and our instructors wellbeing at the forefront of your training.


Individual Lesson Safety Procedures


  • You must take your temperature prior to lesson; instructors are advised to do the same.  If you have a temperature higher 99.9 degrees and/or are displaying any other signs of the flu you are required to notify us immediately and we will cancel your lessons for the day.

  • Upon arrival to the facility all staff must immediately wash their hands in the restroom.

  • Prior to all interactions with athletes on the court both the lesson instructor and athlete must wash their hands in the restroom.  Please do not use hand sanitizer alone.

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all lesson courts.

  • 15 volleyballs may be utilized for each lesson.

  • All volleyballs must be sanitized before/after each lesson.  

  • If ANY equipment is touched including pads, setting hoops, jump boxes, attacking boxes, cranks, and antennae they must be wiped down as describe above at the end of the lesson.

  • After all volleyballs and equipment are wiped down the lesson instructor must again wash their hands in the restroom.

  • During the lesson practice social distancing, do not touch athletes.  No high fives, no fist bumps, no elbow bumps (it is where people are to cough and sneeze).  Direct their movements during the lesson through verbal cues, demonstration and utilization of the mirrors in the gym if needed.

  • All lessons will end 5 minutes early to provide time for these procedures to take place.

Disclaimer:  As a Parent/Guardian of lesson participants, you release Kokoro Volleyball, all administrators and coaches from liability for any injury that may occur during the lesson your son/daughter will attend.  You will not hold the above mentioned legally or financially responsible for any injury that may occur.  You further understand that lessons are fully transparent and accessible for your viewing and will remain on Kokoro Volleyball premises during the duration of the scheduled lesson.