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Body. Mind. Spirit.

Kokoro Volleyball

Founded in 2010, Kokoro Volleyball has expanded from 7 teams to over 30 teams in 2023. We are proud of who we are and the athletes we train.


Kokoro Volleyball is dedicated to the growth and development of each athlete we train. This growth will encompass all areas; body, mind, and spirit. Each athlete will improve their physical abilities, their understanding of the game of volleyball, and their spirit as a teammate, leader and competitor.


Kokoro Volleyball will accomplish this by training our athletes; breaking down each skill into its components and improving these components to advance the overall skill and performance of our athletes. The training we will provide and the lessons we will teach will lead to the continued success of each athlete in all aspects of their life.


Our Partners



We are a group of hard working, challenge seeking individuals with a common purpose. The common purpose is to create ourselves in the grandest version of the grandest vision we have ever had of ourselves. We choose to act with reverence, compassion, enthusiasm, and love; we choose to think positively about everything we encounter; we choose to feel and communicate openly and honestly regarding our feelings as well as accepting the feelings of others; we choose to speak truthfully and present reality to each other directly. We understand that we are in control, and our actions define and display our common purpose.

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