Todd Bruce


Competition Experience

  • Todd began playing the great sport of volleyball in 1990 while enrolled at the University of MN (in a club type capacity) and has not stopped playing since. 

  • He has traveled nationally to compete in the men’s indoor game on and off through the 90’s and 00’s and competes currently in all manner of formats – sand doubles, grass, and various indoor formats.

Coaching Experience

  • Todd began coaching 7 years ago with another local club and this upcoming season will be his 6th at Kokoro. 

Work Experience

  • Todd have spent the last 20 years in supply chain and logistics working for Cargill and in the commercial printing industry where he was a Sr Buyer for many years.

  • He currently works for the City of Minnetonka part time and Kokoro as often as possible. Full time during the off season (July-Sept) running volleyball skills camps for Kokoro in western Wisconsin and greater MN.

Something Fun About Todd

  • "Volleyball has been the sport that has stuck with me for most of my life but I have enjoyed and competed in dozens of other sports throughout my life – hockey since age 4, baseball, soccer, football, downhill skiing, were all huge parts of my adolescence. In the mid 1980’s I discovered individual sports such as competitive mountain biking, climbing, wakeboarding, surfing and skateboarding. I competed professionally in snowboarding both regionally and nationally for 3 years living in Colorado for a season.

  • I also enjoy camping and pretty much anything outdoors as well as spending time with my 2 awesome daughters who are 13 and 16."