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Competition Experience

  • Tess has 7 years of playing experience


Coaching Experience

  • Tess has 4 years of coaching experience and most recently coached at Vital Volleyball Club

Educational Background

  • Business Degree from University of St. Thomas just graduated in May 2018

  • Current full time job is a Sales Position at Clear Channel Outdoor


Something Fun about Tess

  • Tess is obsessed with all things TV and Podcasts.  Favorite podcasts are American History Tellers and American Innovations.  Favorite television shows are all things reality TV including all of the Real Housewives and Outdaughtered.


Tess Kovala

Competition Experience

  • Tess started playing volleyball when she was 12 years old for White Bear Lake JO. She was a libero for all 7 years of playing. She played varsity at White Bear Lake High School where she was captain her senior year. Tess decided not to play in college so she could focus on her studies and coach!  

Coaching Experience

  • Tess has been coaching since 2014.  Starting her career at North Juniors for two seasons where she was the assistant coach for her older sister and then a head coach (16-1, 17-1). Tess also was a head coach for in 2017 Vital Volleyball club for their 17-2s team. This is Tess’s second year at Kokoro. Last year she coached the 15-2’s and her team won a National Championship!​

Educational Background

  • Tess attended the University of St. Thomas and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Communications. Tess works at Sigma Beauty as an Email Marketing Specialist. 


Something Fun About Tess

  • Tess loves to listen to podcasts! Her favorite podcasts are about history and innovations throughout history. Tess also loves to travel! She recently went on a trip to Hawaii. While on this vacation she heavily contemplated becoming a volleyball coach in Hawaii and never coming home. 

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