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Ky Kingsley


Competition Experience

  • Kylene (most often called Ky) played for Kokoro her 17s and 18s years, on the 18-1s both years. She then went on to play at St. Kates.

Coaching Experience

  • She have been coaching at Kokoro since 2018

  • She started coaching for Kokoro her freshman year of college. She has worked with all age groups, including 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s,  and 17s.

  • Ky is our passing positional coach and runs many Kokoro Camps during the summer months as well as coaching Fall and Summer League teams. 

  • She has also coached high school in the past as the Woodbury JV coach and the Hill-Murray varsity assistant coach. 

Educational Background

  • Ky went to Apple Valley High School where she also played volleyball. 

  • She earned her BS in Exercise and Sports Science from St. Catherine University, where she graduated in May 2018.

Something Fun About Ky

  • An interesting fact about Ky is that at least once a season, she gets confused as a player anywhere from the 14’s to 18s age division. 

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