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Individual + Small Group Lessons

We look forward to a season filled with growth and development in body, mind and spirit for each athlete. We are excited for you to get to know our Kokoro Volleyball Staff.

Lesson Notes

  • Lessons are offered year round.  Schedules are loaded into our scheduling system the 15th of each month for the next month.

  • Anyone can take lessons with Kokoro Volleyball.

  • You can sign up for individual lessons or sign up with a group.

  • Due to high demand there will be no refunds or credits issued once lessons are scheduled.

  • Lessons are limited to the amount of participants indicated when scheduled.

Disclaimer:  As a Parent/Guardian of lesson participants, you release Kokoro Volleyball, all administrators and coaches from liability for any injury that may occur during the lesson your son/daughter will attend.  You will not hold the above mentioned legally or financially responsible for any injury that may occur.  You further understand that lessons are fully transparent and accessible for your viewing and will remain on Kokoro Volleyball premises during the duration of the scheduled lesson.

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