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Twin Cities

Boys Program

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Kokoro Volleyball - Boys Program
Regular Club Season Information

Season At a Glance

  • 2 team practices per week from Oct. through Mar.

  • 1 team practice per week in Apr. and May

  • 2 team practices per week in June

  • 8 competitions from Nov. through March, 1 competition (Nationals) in June.

    • The slow down in Apr and May is due to High School affiliated boys teams practicing and competing.​

  • 1 (optional) position specific practice per week from Dec. through May

  • 2 ETS strength training sessions per week from Nov. through May, scheduled at your convenience

Participation Fees

  • ***In previous seasons, through work opportunities, families that desired to raise funds to apply toward their fees were able to earn $250-$2000.  Interest in these opportunities will be collected after tryouts.***


Tentative Competition Schedule

  • When selected for a team it is assumed you will participate in all events. 

  • Events are still being posted by their hosts.  It is possible the schedule will adjust.

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